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Foulard de coton rose et orange tissé sur fond blanc ligné ochre

Jacquard and the technique of the fil coupé

For this spring-summer collection, we have brought a breath of fresh air to our creations!

You will of course find the colorful patterned scarves that you love so much, but also a great novelty with the Sutton model, for which we have used a technique for the very first time.

The so-called cut yarn technique is a very special and uncommon type of weaving. Its originality lies in the fact that the two sides of the fabric, the front and the back, have different aspects.

Indeed during this weaving, the weft threads used to make the pattern at the front of the scarf are cut on the back side.

Thus, the patterns on the front and back have a relief, like an embroidery, which gives a precious side to the fabric. But in addition, at the back, the cotton threads are cut so as to make fringes which give a very playful effect to our scarf.

Front of the fabric

Back of fabric

The cut thread technique is a technique that requires precision and a lot of time because of the extra step spent on cutting the threads from the back.

It is once again thanks to the extraordinary Indian know-how which continues to work the fabric in an artisanal way and in the respect of the traditions that we, here, can offer ourselves the happiness of wearing these fabrics. Without them, these magnificent fabrics would not be within our reach.

I am delighted with the result on our scarves! So much so that the Sutton has become my greatest pride and my greatest achievement since the launch of Princess & Dragon.

Available in three colors (pink, beige and blue), it will be the perfect companion for your summers at the chalet.

Indeed, it is thick enough to keep you warm on cool evenings near the lake, during your vacation in your favorite places in Canada: Sandbanks in Ontario, Banff in Alberta, Charlevoix in Quebec... there is no shortage of beautiful places in our country!

We imagine it very quickly becoming an essential during your summer vacations! And for those who stay in town, it will be very useful to protect themselves from the air conditioning and will look very chic as a throw on the armchair.

The Sutton scarf will arrive in the store in a few days: Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social networks to not miss its launch!

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