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Comment porter son foulard en été?

How to style your scarf during summer?

Our scarves are outfit-enhancing accessories: We love to style the simplest, basic outfits with a scarf that will make a big impact!

If in winter it is warmly around our neck during our snowy outings, in summer we have other ways to wear it.

We like to inspire you: our photo shoots are the reflection of this desire and it is in our photos that you can take very simple ideas in order to wear your scarf with elegance.

The classic: tight around the neck

Princesse & Dragon Scarf Aruba red, pink and ocher

This very simple method where you just have to roll up the scarf without thinking too much about it and finish with a knot is a good way to wear your scarf in the event of a slightly chilly evening or air-conditioned interior.
The elegant: the lapel with length

Tobacco and cream Tulum scarf

This method is our favorite because it highlights both the scarf and the style of the outfit! In this way, the plain dress and the handbag are visible and have a little more glamorous touch.

The casual: 3 casual options around the neck

Princess & Dragon blue scarfPrincess and Dragon yellow scarf

Don't forget the simplest way to wear your scarf: as a colorful accessory to transform your outfit by making it suddenly more remarkable.

A simple jeans-t-shirt then becomes the most trendy and elegant outfit, without losing its comfort.

We particularly like the 3 options offered here: colourful, cheerful scarves, which will work wonders with jeans and a basic top.

White, black, or denim, and a plain top: The colorful scarf will make all the difference!

La nocturne: around the neck with drape

Princess and Dragon scarf Tulum

 We love this very simple way to change your outfit throughout the day: from leaving the office to an aperitif with the girlfriends, for example! A little lipstick and a pretty handbag slung over the shoulder: you're ready!

Aquatics: in sarong / beach towel

Princess & Dragon blue scarf Sutton

The scarf is the best accessory to have on you: Its versatility even allows it to help us out in the event of an improvised pool outing! Around the waist or simply placed on the ground, it will be both practical and aesthetic.

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