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About Princesse & Dragon

The company, founded in 2009, is the brainchild of its founder, France Dechberry.

Born in Montréal from European parents, France spent her childhood in Montreal. Even though she knew she was a born entrepreneur, she instead chose to pursue a career in accounting.

She travelled the world with her husband, all the while working. Mexico, Spain, Asia… Her extensive travels across the globe ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and pushed her to launch her own business.

The inspiration for the name Princesse & Dragon came from her two daughters: one is a true “Princess” and the other, with her rebellious spirit, a true “Dragon”! From this duality, compounded with her love of contrasting colours and materials, was born her desire to share with other women the pleasures of wrapping yourself in richly coloured, uniquely designed shawls.

Nature, a daily dose of inspiration

From as long as she can remember, this self-taught artist has always wanted to work with colour. It is during her many trips that she fell in love with fabric.

“I can spend days in a fabric market, touching and feeling each of them, wondering what I could do with them…”

She uses coloured markers to bring her drawings to life, which are then printed on high-quality Australian Merino wool. 

Her creations are inspired by nature and its many contrasts and change according to the season.

She designs and creates all her collections from her Montréal studio.

Merino wool

According to France, natural materials such as Merino wool, deliver the comfort and softness one can expect from a high-quality scarf.

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