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Workshop sale - Green cotton scarf - Dolce Vita

Only 3 items available for workshop sale as they are imperfect. $50 discount

Here is a scarf of incomparable softness and lightness. We should have called it "cloud" so much it is vaporous. But, as it accompanies us during our best moments, we called it Dolce Vita.

What makes this cotton scarf unique is that it is made from different weaves. There are colored lines that make the border between two weaves; part herringbone and part mesh.

This scarf is very large and very light.

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Size: 100 X 200 cm
  • Style: Cotton fabric woven in India. Designed, cut, and finished in Montreal, Canada
  • Care: Machine wash on delicate cycle. Air dry. Iron on low heat if desired.
  • Final sale
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When ordering more than one scarf at a time, please let us know the number of pouches desired. :)