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The brand

A little bit of background...

Princesse & Dragon is the project born from creative mind and world traveler, France Dechberry. After spending a lot of time abroad travelling and experiencing the world, she moved back to her hometown, MontrĂ©al. Fascinated by fabrics, colours and contrasts found during her many voyages, “I could spend days walking the markets and looking at traditional fabrics from each place, I love touching them and dreaming of their potential or simply feeling them on my skin.” says France.

Then her two daughters were born: the first one, a real “Princess” and the second one, with a maverick mind, a real “Dragon”! From this dual character and from her liking for texture and colour contrasts was born her wish of sharing with other women the pleasure of wrapping oneself in shimmering coloured stoles reflecting a unique style.

Thus in 2010, she starts Princesse & Dragon, an epicurean brand with elegance, natural and chic.

Our work

The key word of our brand is detail. Indeed, it is the attention to detail that characterizes the work of our designer France Dechberry, as well as that of all her collaborators.

It’s in her Montreal workshop that everything begins: France draws inspiration from her surroundings, from her travels to her daily walks in her neighborhood. There, she finds material to imagine abstract patterns and vibrant colors that will compose her future scarves. It is also at this moment that she chooses the fabric(s) for her scarf, always among precious and superior quality textiles. She has a preference for cotton, silk, and of course, merino wool.

Prominently displayed on her mood board in her office, France finalizes the prototypes of her creations and then collaborates with her suppliers in India, extraordinary artisans who employ all their expertise to achieve the final product. Their ancestral serigraphy printing technique is a virtuosity that endures in certain regions of the world, and we are very proud to continue to keep it alive here in Quebec through our scarves. 

It is thus in collaboration with these meticulous artists who apply, by hand, one color after another on the fabrics, that France sees her creations come to life.

Our values

Respect :
We place great importance on the notion of respect in all its forms. For us, this means both respecting our customers by always offering them quality scarves, and respecting our collaborators by remunerating them fairly for their work. We also respect ourselves as a small-scale company by promoting slow-working and fostering a joyful and supportive atmosphere in the workshop. Additionally, we respect the environment by becoming increasingly aware of the daily work needed to offset our carbon footprint. The elimination of plastic in our packaging is one of our commitments, thanks to our compostable mailers, and an eco-friendly delivery system by bicycle will soon be available for our customers in Montreal.

Happiness :

Echoing the previous point, happiness and joy are at the heart of our business. Pleasure resides in the simple things for us, and nothing makes us happier than walking down a flower-filled street, enjoying a morning coffee, or wrapping ourselves in a scarf filled with memories. It is this happiness that we strive to create every day and that we aim to transmit to you: providing joy and wonder, comfort and softness, continuously surprising you.

Tradition :

We particularly embrace the idea of knowledge transmission, with two artisans from different generations working together to keep a technique alive. Just as our grandmothers instilled in us a love for knitting, cooking, and sewing, we ensure that our scarves embody the spirit of tradition at their very core. We also cherish the legacy of passing a scarf from one generation to another, as family values that endure year after year, like symbolic and love-filled gifts

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