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How to Wash Your Cotton Scarf

Cotton is a material that is pleasant to the touch and also particularly resistant: this is one of its main qualities, especially when it comes to maintenance!

At Princesse & Dragon, we offer scarves in cotton voile and thick cotton scarves. Here are the steps that will allow you to keep them looking beautiful for longer.

Hand or Machine Wash?

Both are possible! If you choose to wash your scarf in the machine, opt for:

Cotton voile = wash on a delicate cycle

Thicker cotton = wash on a regular cycle

The most important thing is to choose a light spin cycle or to do this task manually and then allow it to air dry. If you wish to wash your scarf by hand, you can follow the recommended steps for merino wool scarves, which we remind you of here:

1. Use a Suitable Detergent

We recommend using EUCALAN products for your washes, specifically designed to protect your wool garments and other delicate materials.

2. Prepare the Water

Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add the soap. Measure according to the instructions on the bottle. Pour the soap into the basin with enough lukewarm water to submerge the scarf to be washed.

The water should be at room temperature, between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Soak the Fabric

Completely immerse the scarf in the water with the soap and let it soak for two minutes. Then, stir it slowly and gently for about a minute.

Do not let the scarf soak for more than a few minutes, as its fibers could deform.

4. Rinse the Scarf

If you are using Eucalan products, it is not necessary to rinse the scarf. Otherwise, use lukewarm water in the basin to rinse the wool scarf several times to remove the soap. Rinse until the water has almost no traces of soap left.

Ensure that the rinse water is the same temperature as the water you used for soaking the scarf.

5. Gently Squeeze Out the Scarf

Place the scarf on a towel and press gently to eliminate as much water as possible.

IMPORTANT: Do not try to wring out the scarf by twisting it to expel the water.

6. Air Dry

Let your scarves dry by hanging them. You can dry them in the machine, but they will shrink the first few times, losing up to 1 to 2 centimeters in total.

There you go! By following these few steps to wash your cotton scarf, it will maintain its splendor and you will be able to wear it for as long as you wish!

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