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At Princesse & Dragon, we believe that the scarves we create are more than just an accessory. Each model is the result of a meticulous creative process where each element is carefully chosen. We only select high quality natural materials that make them comfortable and elegant scarves.

Merino wool, wool and silk blends, cotton and linen and cotton blends are the materials we favor. Their selection is based on their high-end character and their ability to create light and soft scarves. Each scarf then becomes a pleasant caress for your skin, wrapping you in softness and style.

We attach great importance to the choice of colors in our creations. Contrasts are the hallmark of Princess & Dragon, and we use them with passion to create visually striking combinations. Our patterns are inspired by nature and strongly influenced by the Bauhaus movement. Our scarves are the canvases on which our designs come to life.

We want our scarves to give you a unique sensory and visual experience. When you wear them, you will feel the softness of natural materials against your skin.

To preserve the exclusivity of our creations, each of them is produced in a limited series. We launch two new collections a year, where we give free rein to our imagination.

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When ordering more than one scarf at a time, please let us know the number of pouches desired. :)