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Sérigraphie ou impression digitale: notre choix.

Screen printing or digital printing: the reasons behind our choice.

In our latest blog post, we introduced you to screen printing, a printing technique that is very dear to our hearts and has been ingrained in the DNA of Princess & Dragon since our inception. The other popular printing method in our field of expertise is digital printing. Today, we offer to provide you with more information about the differences between these two techniques and to help you understand our choice!

Digital textile printing involves directly printing a digital pattern onto the fabric using a printer. A simpler and faster method, therefore.

Here are the main differences in terms of results:

Colors: In screen printing, the colors used are usually thicker and more opaque, allowing for more vibrant and intense results. On the other hand, digital printing uses finer and more transparent inks, which can lend a lighter appearance to the colors.

Texture and Thickness: Screen printing creates a palpable texture on the fabric due to the thickness of the inks used. This texture can add depth and character to the printed design, often appreciated for artistic prints or textured designs. In comparison, digital printing is generally smoother and lacks texture, resulting in a flatter appearance for the patterns.

Durability: Screen printing is known for its durability. Screen printing inks are typically resistant to washing and wear, allowing the designs to maintain their original look for a long time. On the contrary, digital printing can be more prone to fading or wearing over time, especially when exposed to harsh conditions.

Our preference for screen printing.

As each color is applied by hand, this allows for slight variations among the fabrics, giving them a unique quality that is dear to our hearts.

Fabrics are printed using this technique for every design we conceive and draw; the artisans who carry on this tradition have a love for well-crafted work, respecting nature and the generations that came before them.

Each Princesse & Dragon scarf you acquire holds a fragment of this particular and special history that is screen printing.

Each of these techniques has its strengths and constraints; screen printing is undoubtedly the one that aligns best with our vision and the spirit of Princesse & Dragon!

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