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L'engagement écologique chez Princesse & Dragon

Ecological commitment at Princesse & Dragon

Our concern for environmental issues has always been part of the construction of our company.

We grow, evolve, and improve continuously, convinced that the key to a company that lasts is its ability to be part of an ecological logic.

Since 2016, we have chosen to work from natural materials: mainly merino wool, but also cotton, silk.

Quite simply because we believe that nature is the best to envelop us!

Sourced in Australia, but also in India where our fabric is spun, these materials are the purest and most qualitative possible, a real commitment on our part.

India is for us a country of choice concerning the spinning of the fabric but also its printing: an ancestral know-how which we will tell you more about next month.

Once the fabrics have arrived in our workshop, cut, prepared and transformed into scarves, we take care to prepare your orders without superfluous packaging, and send them to you in 100% compostable envelopes. No waste, no unnecessary packaging in our shipments!

Always in this logic of positively changing our impact on nature, here is our great novelty this year: For each purchase made on the shop, we undertake to plant a tree through the Ecologi organization. an association whose goal is to finance projects aimed at combating climate change.

A way for us to give back to the planet, and to proudly display our commitment!

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