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Le festival Holi en Inde

The Holi festival in India

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Do you know this annual celebration also called

Festival of colors?

Hindu tradition, aiming to celebrate the arrival of spring, it is a very colorful, very joyful festival, during which castes and differences want to fade away. It is also about love and fertility, the origins of this festival.

You know our love for India, and the power of colors in this culture!

This is why this festival is close to our hearts and particularly speaks to us.

For two days, the celebrations are linked everywhere in the country, and more specifically in the North of the country, where the festival is in full swing. The climax takes place on the second day when people, all dressed in white, walk down the street with their colored pigments (the famous Holi powder) to throw them at those who cross their path.

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Moreover, each color launched has its meaning: Symbolism is very important during this celebration!

Thus, purple is associated with happiness, pink with femininity, orange with optimism, and green with harmony.

The noise is often deafening, the streets are crowded, the alcohol also flows freely: It is truly a unique event, during which social and gender inequalities are put aside, to leave room only to the community, the unifying spirit and pure joy.

It is also traditional to forgive one's enemies during these few days!

A ritual as unusual as it is joyful, to discover from afar, while waiting perhaps one day to be able to attend it in person!

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