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The brand

Princesse & Dragon is the project of designer France Dechberry.

After traveling the continents, she returned to settle in her hometown, Montreal. She is fascinated by fabrics, colors and contrasts, discovered during her travels. "I can spend days in the markets and look at the typical fabrics of each region, I love touching them and imagining what I could do with them, or simply wrap myself in them", says France.

Then her 2 daughters were born; the first is a real “Princess” and the second, with a more rebellious spirit, is a real “Dragon”! From this duality of characters, from her taste for the contrast of materials and colors was born the desire to share with other women the pleasure of wrapping themselves in stoles with shimmering colors and a unique style.

Thus, in 2010, she created Princesse & Dragon, an epicurean brand, with natural and chic elegance.

Our work

The watchword of our brand is detail . Indeed, it is the attention to detail that characterizes the work of our designer France Dechberry, as well as that of all her collaborators. It all began in her Montreal studio: France draws her inspiration from what surrounds her, from her
trips to his daily walks in his neighborhood. There, she finds material to imagine abstract patterns and shimmering colors that will compose her future scarves.

It is also at this time that she chooses the material of her scarf, always among natural fabrics and of superior quality. She has a preference for cotton, linen, silk, and of course merino wool.

Prominently displayed on her mood board in her studio, France finalizes the prototypes of her creations and then works in collaboration with her suppliers in India, exceptional craftsmen who put all their know-how to work to lead to the final product.

Their ancestral technique of screen printing is a virtuosity that continues in certain regions of the globe and that we are very proud to continue to bring to life here in Quebec through our scarves; it is therefore in collaboration with these meticulous artists who apply, by hand, one color after another to the fabrics, that France sees her creations come to life.

Once the fabrics have returned to the workshop, one of the Princess & Dragon founder's favorite moments begins: finishing. This includes both the cutting of fabrics, the making of fringes, ironing...

It is under her expert fingers that the fabrics are transformed into scarves, to become these luxurious and essential everyday fashion accessories that you love so much!

Our values

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