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Guide d’entretien de votre foulard en laine de Mérinos

Care guide for your Merino wool scarf

You can wash your scarf by hand or in the machine, only on the hand wash - wool cycle, and not on the delicate cycle.

On the other hand, it is possible that it changes appearance slightly after washing, but it will be minimal if you follow the recommendations below.

Merino wool, known for its exceptional softness, is among the best quality wools. It comes from Merino sheep, which produce wool with very fine fibres.

This yarn is odor and stain resistant. If you get it dirty or sweat profusely and it needs to be washed, you should take care and care to wash, dry and remove stains from this fine natural fiber.

Clean your scarf by hand

1. Use a suitable detergent

We recommend that you use EUCALAN products for your washes , specifically designed to protect your woolen clothes and other delicate materials.

IMPORTANT : Never use a product containing a bleaching agent to wash wool.

2. Prepare water

Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add the soap. Dose according to the instructions on the bottle. Pour the soap into the basin with enough lukewarm water to immerse the scarf to be washed.

The water should be at room temperature, between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

3. Soak the wool

Completely submerge the scarf in the water with the soap and let it soak for two minutes. Then stir it slowly and gently for about a minute.

Do not soak wool for more than a few minutes, as its fibers may become deformed.

4. Rinse the scarf

Use lukewarm water in the basin to rinse the wool scarf several times to remove all the soap. Rinse until the water is almost free of soap.

Make sure the rinse water is the same temperature you soaked the scarf in.

5. Gently wring out the scarf

Put the scarf on a towel and press gently to remove as much water as possible.

IMPORTANT: Above all, do not try to wring the scarf by twisting it to get rid of the water.

Dry flat

Do not hang the merino wool scarf to dry, it may deform. Instead, dry it flat on a clean surface or on a towel.

So ! By following these few steps to wash your merino wool scarf, it will keep all its splendor and you can wear it for as long as you want.

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