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About Princesse & Dragon

Princesse & Dragon is the project born from creative mind and world traveler, France Dechberry. After spending a lot of time abroad travelling and experiencing the world, she moved back to her hometown, Montréal. Fascinated by fabrics, colors and contrasts found during her many voyages, “I could spend days walking the markets and looking at traditional fabrics from each place, I love touching them and dreaming of their potential or simply feeling them on my skin.” says France. As a lover of all good things, Mrs. Dechberry was looking for a way to share her passion and her creations to the world. Thus in 2009, she founded Princesse & Dragon, an epicurean brand combining both chic and natural elegance.

The company’s name comes from the owner’s daughters, from whom she discovered the power living between two opposite personalities: the princess and the dragon. From this duality and her taste for rich fabrics and colors was born the need to share it with others so that they too could wrap themselves in gleaming and unique colors. The scarves are created to be worn as jewelry to adorn your everyday looks. Deep hues brighten moody days all the while perfectly matching the sunny ones. The founder’s “joie de vivre” shows through the original patterns and the scarves’s vivid color choices.


The creation process for Princesse & Dragon’s comes from France’s imagination, drawing her inspiration from all around the globe. Whether it’s hot air balloons riding in Turkey or Paris’s charming little streets, the passion for mixing different colors is the starting point for each of her patterns. The fabrics are created from premium quality Australian wool, and they represent the contrast between modern and traditional techniques specific to the image of the brand.

According to France, natural fibers like merino wool brings that softness you’d be expecting from a high-end scarf. Australian Merino wool is renowned worldwide for it’s undeniable lightness which makes it the perfect material to create scarves. It keeps the ideal shape lasting all day while staying dainty and elegant whether made from 100% merino or a combination of wool and silk. Princesse & Dragon’s scarves are luxurious, by the use of the fabric, while being playful and joyful. They enhance everyday looks beautifully.

The fabrics designed by France are made to drape easily and perfectly and each shawl is created following a specific process which makes them so unique.

Princesse & Dragon’s scarves are timeless and of outstanding softness to bring a touch of color to your every day. They will surely become an essential you won’t part with.

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