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Workshop sale - Khaki, teal and turquoise merino wool scarf - Large Losange

Only 3 items available for the workshop sale as they are slightly imperfect.

50% discount.

The Grand Losange design is a scarf woven from extra-fine merino wool, with an Argyle pattern that offers subtle textures. The shades of khaki, teal, and turquoise, along with its large size, make it a perfect fashion accessory for the winter.

  • Material: 100% pure merino wool scarf
  • Pattern: Diamond 
  • Style: Wool twill, individually hand-screened, one color at a time.
  • Size: 180 cm x 70 cm
  • Shipping: Free delivery for purchases above $150
  • Care: Hand wash, refer to our care guide
  • Final sale
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When ordering more than one scarf at a time, please let us know the number of pouches desired. :)