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Merino Wool Scarf in Burgundy, Red, and Pink - Boreal

Our Boreal scarf pays tribute to the grandeur of Quebec's forests. This large merino wool twill scarf drapes effortlessly, offering understated elegance.

It features an elegant jacquard woven border. The pattern, composed of six different colors applied by hand, transports us to an enchanted forest. In this forest, trees are adorned with various hues, with shades overlapping, roots intertwining, and branches merging, symbolizing the unity and resilience of Nature.

A lightweight, soft, and enveloping scarf, it provides the warmth of wool to keep you comfortable during winter and cool evenings.

Available in 4 unique variations.

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Material : 100% fine merino wool

Style : Wool woven with a slight relief of herringbone patterns, individually screen-printed by hand, one color at a time.

Size : 70 cm x 185 cm


Hand wash or see the care guide


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